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The Latin Cuisine Making Waves in Savannah

Mary Githens is an entrepreneur with one goal on her mind- to take her two restaurants and offer the same values- fresh Latin cuisine, a great atmosphere that fosters teamwork and inclusivity, and provide fresh and delicious food and drinks options. Mission accomplished. Latin Chicks has been in operation since 2009- and since then, has expanded to offer a food truck service, along with catering for private and corporate events. The food truck runs on the name Vida Fresh, and offers many of the same options you would find at the physical location of Latin Chicks. The catering available is upscale Latin cuisine with an American flair for convenience. Bonus- you can place your catering request directly from their website too. Mary surely has perfected making fast, healthy, and delicious Latin cuisine readily available for the Low Country. 

Fast forward a few years later to 2020, when Mint to Be Mojito Bar and Bites opened it’s doors in downtown Savannah. It’s a quaint hacienda that is flooded with color and charm. The freshest ingredients craft the best mojito you will ever have. You can enjoy your mojito and empanadas at the bar, at cafe table inside, or on the front patio. And when the sunsets, it’s time to move the party to the back. Recently renovated, the La Aparicion Speakeasy Lounge boasts high-end vibes with velvet seating, dimmed neon, and an essence of Latin cool with it’s effortless, carefree composure. It’s more than a speakeasy, it’s a feeling. It’s the place where Friday night dates turn into memorable moments. 

The union of these restaurants is like a marriage. Based on love and trust, you do you. And where one picks up the right target market of clientele, another will offer a perfect night out for a group of friends or a special date night out. These sister restaurants have become a staple in the Savannah restaurant scene. And who knows what’s next for our beloved Latin Chicks and Mint To Be operations, maybe something’s coming soon to the Eastern Wharf? Check back on our blog page for updates and info! 

Mary Githens, Restaurant Owner And Entreprenuer
Exquisite Latin Chicks Catering
Fresh Ingredients Paired with a Smile Warm You at Mint To Be Mojito Bar
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